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    We know that it’s hard to plan for emergencies, let Care Credit help.

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    The Adventures of a Veterinarian – BLOG

    “Canine Intelligence and ‘Emotional’ Behavior”
    People often talk about canine (and feline) “intelligence”; check the internet and you’ll easily locate half a dozen articles describing which dog breeds are the “smartest”. Often, those listed as most intelligent are the breeds which respond best to their particular human companions emotional and physical needs and behaviors . . . we tend to anthropomorphize. One thing many “experts”, and those less qualified, tend to agree upon is that dog’s are typically “immediate response” animals; they don’t tend to think 2-3 steps into the future like we often find necessary. To this lack of “forward thinking” I would agree that this is typically true.

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    Client Referral Card

    At your next visit, ask us about our Little Blue Referral Cards.
    A gift could be waiting for you and your referred friend!

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    Veterinary Services Available

    Our Veterinary Hospital in Corvallis is pleased to provide a wide variety of veterinary services for animals in Corvallis & Surrounding Area. These services include Pet Wellness Programs, Preventive Services, Exotic Pet Medicine & more!

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